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All fired up!

August 10, 2008

Today is the smiley games!

 Torch Pole Vault High Jump Shotput Rings High Dive Discus Javelin Uneven Bars Medals Soccer Basketball 



August 9, 2008

K here is the smiley town:

 Embarrassed Messy Eater Tripping Pants Falling Down Bathroom Stumble Bathroom 2 Stage Fright Wetting Pants Empty Pockets Shy Whistler Embarrassed Blushy Blushy 3 Blushy 2 Blushy Girl Blushy Girl 2 Embarrassed 1 Secret Embarrassed 2 Cover Up Shy Bag Head 

Time for work?

August 9, 2008

 Balance Beam So here is a normal day of a smiley:

 Wake Up  Metal Detector Cruising Computing Cruising Metal Detector Spaghetti  Horse  Angel 2  Walking Garbage Can  Bouquet  Hi There, Sweetheart  Dreaming 

Smiles and more smiles

August 9, 2008

K i made a new area so today for smiles were gonna have some sickness i guess…

 Sickly Vomit Dramatic Death Sick In Bed Bloodshot Chickenpox Crutches Sicky Sick In Bed Hospital Bed Medicine Old Man Sneezy Feeling Blue