All fired up!

August 10, 2008

Today is the smiley games!

 Torch Pole Vault High Jump Shotput Rings High Dive Discus Javelin Uneven Bars Medals Soccer Basketball 



August 9, 2008

K here is the smiley town:

 Embarrassed Messy Eater Tripping Pants Falling Down Bathroom Stumble Bathroom 2 Stage Fright Wetting Pants Empty Pockets Shy Whistler Embarrassed Blushy Blushy 3 Blushy 2 Blushy Girl Blushy Girl 2 Embarrassed 1 Secret Embarrassed 2 Cover Up Shy Bag Head 

Time for work?

August 9, 2008

 Balance Beam So here is a normal day of a smiley:

 Wake Up  Metal Detector Cruising Computing Cruising Metal Detector Spaghetti  Horse  Angel 2  Walking Garbage Can  Bouquet  Hi There, Sweetheart  Dreaming 

Smiles and more smiles

August 9, 2008

K i made a new area so today for smiles were gonna have some sickness i guess…

 Sickly Vomit Dramatic Death Sick In Bed Bloodshot Chickenpox Crutches Sicky Sick In Bed Hospital Bed Medicine Old Man Sneezy Feeling Blue 


K something weird

August 8, 2008

K here is something wrong with these smiles

 Mullet  Paris Is Free Paris Jail Sentence Crazy Stephen Peanuts Stage Fright Wetting Pants 

Very sad

August 8, 2008

Frosty’s dizzywood cheats might shut down for ever! Miss UI feel very bad. If u go to her blog maybe tell her not to shut down the blog! If u do that i will be so happy! K. So here some smiles to frosty:

 Smile  Thumbs Up  Bow Down Together  Heart Shell  Miss You  Faint  Lightbulb Idea  Indifference  Blushy Girl 2  Drooling Bouncy Smiley  Teal  Blue Mix  2008  Girls Rule  Hula Girl  Pool Boy  Feeling Blue  Female Entertainer 10  Dusting  Panda 

so best wishes frosy!


August 8, 2008

K here are some of my favorite smiles:

 Devil  Party! Scrapbooking Wake Up Australia Walking Garbage Can Food Fight Electric Crap Hitting The Fan Bathroom Kitty 1 Biker Babe Santa Present April Fools Spaghetti Smooch RuthK u know these are all awsome so i wrote a song:

Smileys face the truth like my is ruth! And if the fan sings a happy song u better sing along! Because in smiley town u can always find me here! Nothing better than S-M-I-L-E-Y T-O-W-N! Yeah! 

Check out “Ruthie’s co.”

August 7, 2008

K so u want to be my worker just go here to sign up! So when my blog is big worldwide than u can have some spotlight! K it’s very simple all u have is:

  • Tell me ur name
  • Why u want become my worker
  • Do u have a website or not


August 6, 2008

K welcome to The TNT! Bouncy 5This is the place to show your hobbies. Once a week i will pick the best and put in The TNT section! So get your friends and play!  Frisbee 1 

When Willow found

August 6, 2008

Once opon a time St.Ruth was seeing Willow. Poor old willow was a loser. But then St.Ruth yelled “St.Willow” and willow said “what?”. St.Ruth ran over to Willow. She sighed and then said “St.Willow I’m a saint and you shall be a saint!” Willow suprised said “Really?” “Really,” said St.Ruth. And so no more was Willow a loser he joyful for the rest of his life.